15 marca, 2022

[:pl]Hello sunshine! In this special series, I am explaining HONESTLY a little bit more about „bad days”. Even though I would like to say they are an urban legend they are NOT. Sometimes they just happened and then it is up to us to take care of ourselves during that time.

This episode I recorded when I was already recovering. But still not my vibe completely. I really wanted to share how it looks and give you a deeper understanding from the inside the hole.

Plus in the end, I am sharing what helped me to recover fully 😉

Hope it brings you inspiration, light, and laugh!

In episode I mentioned this course: https://tobemagnetic.com

Link do odcinka:


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Jestem Claudia i pomagam zagubionym osobom w odnowieniu kontaktu z Bogiem, aniołami i odnalezieniu misji życiowej.
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